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Vauxhall and I is a 1994 Parlophone album by British singer Morrissey. Q listed it as one of the top ten albums of 1994.[6] The release cemented Morrissey’s success in the US, giving him a top 20 album and his first hit single there with the song “The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get”. This was Morrissey’s second solo album to reach the top of the charts in Britain, the first being Viva Hate.

Vauxhall and I reflects the course Morrissey’s life has taken. With its blend of guitar rock, largely acoustic ballads, and wry classic rock, Vauxhall and I stands in stark contrast to Morrissey’s other work. It is distinguished by its ironic and introspective nature as well as its sombre and emotional mood.

Morrissey had recently suffered the loss of three people close to him: Mick Ronson, Tim Broad, and Nigel Thomas, which may have had the cumulative effect of giving Vauxhall and I a somewhat funereal feel. Indeed, just two years later Morrissey acknowledged that he felt at the time that this was going to be his last album, and that not only was it the best album he’d ever made but that he would never be able to top it in the future.
The lead single off the album, “The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get”, became the only song by Morrissey or The Smiths to achieve chart success in the United States, where it reached #46 on the Billboard Hot 100 and also became a #1 Modern Rock Tracks chart hit. In the United Kingdom, the song hit #8 and was the only single by Morrissey to reach the top ten during the 1990s.
In February 2006, Q magazine voted it at #91 on a list of the best albums ever.In January 2006 in NME, Vauxhall and I was voted at #57 in the Top 100 British Albums.Steve Lillywhite’s production style is a marked departure from that of his predecessor on Your Arsenal, Mick Ronson. Vauxhall and I has a pared-down, sparser, more ethereal and at times dream-like character. Lilywhite’s influence is clear when listening to the two samples of the track “Why Don’t You Find Out for Yourself”. The unreleased version is a guitar-driven rocky version, which has the hallmark sound of Alain Whyte running through it. The album version appears only to retain the original vocal.
Taken from Morrissey’s ‘Vauxhall and I’ Wikipedia:

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